The Directors and members of iiHub, supported through our agreements with Complete Business Solutions (QLD), have a wide range of skills, experience and competency to ensure that project outcomes are achieved.

iiHub currently has 4 programs:

BootCamps4Startups - Develop your business concept in 2 days
BootCamps4Biz – Build your business in 2 days
Accelerate Your Inner Entrepreneur – 3 month intensive program
We also have experts in residence and specialists on retainers to provide technical support such as:
  • Entrepreneur Mentoring (Ideation/Conceptualisation & MVP)
  • Hospitality including cooking; service; bar and barista
  • Design, Print Marketing – including graphic design; website design; print production
  • Logistics, Export and FMCG
  • Digital Literacy and Business Administration
  • Process Optimisation and Automation

We have strong experience working on-country and metro areas with all client groups and we provide similar services to many government departments across all three tiers of government.

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